Health Coupons A-Z


New Health Coupons 2018 – This Health Coupon alphabetical list has coupons listed A-Z by Brand. Many are provided by the product manufacturers. Some offers require you to sign up on the product website or like their Facebook page.

on any FLONASE® or FLONASE® Sensimist™ Spray 60 ct or largeron ONE (1) Delsym any sizeon any ONE (1) Stopain® Product

More printable health coupons, from the major coupon providers, can be accessed through the Print Coupons Here tab above.

Health Coupons A-Z
  • Advil – Print Advil coupons for $6.00 off Advil products. Use the scroll box to see the available coupons, then sign up.
  • Advil – Sign up and get printable coupons for Infants Advil, Childrens Advil and Jr Strength Advil products.
  • Advil Allergy and Congestion Relief – Sign up for savings and print four Advil Allergy and Congestion Relief coupons. Save up to $4 on various products.
  • Alavert – Print an Alavert coupon and save $1.00 off one Alavert product. (pdf file)
  • Aleve – Print an Aleve coupon and save $2.00 on any Aleve product (excludes Aleve-D).
  • Alka-Seltzer – Print an Alka-Seltzer coupon and save $1.00 on one Alka-Seltzer Plus product.
  • Allegra – Sign up with Allegra and print coupons for up to $11.00 off Allegra products.
  • Arm & Hammer Simply Saline – Print an Arm & Hammer coupon for $1 off Samply Saline Nasal Health products.
  • Bausch & Lomb Occuvite – Save $3.00 On Any Bausch + Lomb Ocuvite® Eye Vitamin and Mineral Supplement
  • BC Powder – Print a BC coupon for $1.00 off any Bc Powder, 18 ct. or larger.
  • Beano – Print a Beano coupon for $1.00 off one Beano Gas product.
  • Breatheright Nasal Strips – Sign up and get a coupon for $1 off one Breatheright Nasal Strips products.
  • Centrum – Sign up and print a Centrum coupon for $4.00 off any Centrum Silver or Centrum Multivitamin product.
  • Cepacol – Fill out the form and print a Cepacol coupon for $1.00 off one Sore Throat product.
  • Citracal – Print a Citracal coupon for $1.00 off any product.
  • Claritin – Print Claritin coupons for $2.00 off Claritin Non-Drowsy 20 ct, $2.00 off Non-Drowsy Claritin-D, 10 count and Non-Drowsy Childrens Claritin.
  • Clear Eyes – Sign up with Clear Eyes and print coupons for $0.55 off any one product.
  • – Print dozens of health and medicine coupons. New coupons added often.
  • Culturelle – Join the mailing ist and get a printable coupon for $2.00 off any Culturelle Probiotic. Tell a friend about Culterelle and you both get a $3.00 coupon.
  • Dimetapp – Childrens – Sign up and print a Childrens Dimetapp coupon for $2.00 off any one product.
  • Doctor’s NightGuard – Print a Doctor’s NightGuard coupon for $5 off one Night Guard Advanced Comfort Dental Protector.
  • Dulcolax – Print three coupons for a total of $7.00 off Dulcolax and DulcoGas products. (Smartsource)
  • Ecotrin – Enter your info and print a coupon for $1 off one Ecotrin product, 100 ct or larger.
  • Energize – Print an Energize coupon and save $2.00 on one 28 count box of Energize Energy Pills.
  • Ensure – Print an Ensure coupon for $3.00 off any two Ensure products.
  • Ester-C – Sign up for email and be notified of coupons for Ester-C products.
  • Estroven – Sign up for email and get a $2.50 printable coupon.
  • Estroven – Tell a friend and you both get a coupon for $3.00 Estroven coupon.
  • FiberChoice – Register and print a FiberChoice coupon for $1.00 off FiberChoice.
  • Flintsones Vitamins – Print a Flintsones Vitamins coupon and save $1.00 on one Flinstones Vitamin product. (coupon link is at the bottom of the page)
  • Healthy Essentials – The Healthy Essentials site has printable coupons for Johnson & Johnson Family products. Save on Roc, Clean & Clear, Lubriderm, Lactaid, Aveeno, Sudafed, Motrin, Tylenol, Rogaine, Neutrogena, Johnons Baby and more.
  • i-cool – Print a i-cool coupon and save $2.00 off one package of i-cool or i-coo®+D for menopause.
  • Joint Juice – Print a Joint Juice coupon for $1.50 off, plus a $5 mail-in rebate offer.
  • Lactaid – Sign up and print coupons for Lactaid products.
  • Little Remedies – Sign up and print a Little Remedies coupon for $1.00 off any one product.
  • Liverite – Print a Liverite coupon for $2.00 off one Liverite Liver Aid supplement.
  • Lotrimin – Print a coupon for $1.00 off one product.
  • Mederma – Printable Mederma coupons for $3.00 off any product and $5.00 off Stretch mark Therapy. (scroll down for coupons)
  • Midnite Sleep Aid – Enter your email addres (scroll down to “Escape The Land Of Grog”) and print a Midnite Sleep Aid coupon for $1.00 off.
  • Miralax – Print Miralax coupons for $1.00 off any product and $3.00 on one 30 dose bottle.
  • Monistat – Printable Monistat coupons for $13.00 off various Monistat products.
  • Move Free Advanced – Sign up for the Loyalty Program and earn points for products purchased. Use the points for coupons and rewards.
  • Nature Made Wellness Rewards – Sign up for NatureMade Wellness Rewards to enter codes on purchased products for points. Redeem points for coupons and/or assorted products.
  • Nature’s Bounty – Print a $1.00 off coupon when you sign up for the newsletter.
  • One A Day – Print a One A Day vitamin coupon and save $1.00 off any one product.
  • Phillips Fiber Good Gummies – Print a Phillips Fiber Good Gummies coupon and save $1.00 on any one product.
  • Phillips Laxative – Print a Phillips coupon for $1.00 off any product.
  • Polident and Poligrip – Save $1.00 off Polident denture cleaner and save $1.00 off Super Poligrip Denture Adhesive.
  • Preparation H – Sign up and print a Preparation H coupon for $1.00 off one product.
  • RedPlum – Print RedPlum coupons without leaving this site!
  • Remifemin – Print a Remifemin coupon and save $4.00 off one box of Menopause Relief supplement.
  • SavingStar – saves you money on groceries with 100% digital eCoupons.
  • Schiff Vitamins – Register or log in to print coupons for Schiff products.
  • Smartsource – Dozens of free printable coupons for grocery, pet and more. Print without leaving this site!
  • Sucrets – Print a Sucrets coupon and save $1.00 off one Sucrets product.
  • Sundown Naturals – Sign up and print a Sundown Naturals coupon for $1.00 off one vitamin or supplement product.
  • Thermacare Wraps – Sign up and print Thermacare coupons for $1 off ThermaCare HeatWraps, $2 off ThermaCare Cold Wraps and $3.50 off ThermaCare Cold Wraps + HeatWraps.
  • TruBiotics – Print a TruBiotics coupon and save $2.00 on one TruBiotics Probiotic supplement.
  • Tums – Printable Tums coupons for 1 off TUMS Chewy Delights, Freshers or Smoothies antacid.
  • Visine – Print a Visine coupon for $1.50 off one product.
  • Zeasorb – Print a Zeasorb coupon and save $2.00 on any Zeasorb antifungal product.
  • Zyrtec – Earn Zyrtec Rewards and redeem them for coupons and other items.


on ONE Florastor 50 cap, FlorastorPre or FlorastorPluson any FLONASE® or FLONASE® Sensimist™ Spray 120 ct or largeroff any ONE (1) Mucinex® Product (14ct or Higher)


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