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Oct 032014
celestial seasonings  tea

Here are new coupons for Celestial Seasonings, Lipton Tea, Gevalia and Starbucks VIA. Save $1.00 off two boxes of Celestial Seasonings tea bags and $1.00 off one carton of Lipton Black Tea. Save up to $4.00 off Gevalia Mocha Latte or Cappuccinpo, and save $1.50 off Starbucks VIA.
$1.00 off 2 boxes Celestial Seasonings tea bags
$1.00 off any one Lipton Black Tea Bag carton Expired
$1.00 off GEVALIA Mocha Latte or Cappuccino Expired
$3.00 off TWO GEVALIA Mocha Latte or Cappuccino’s Expired
$1.50 off one Starbucks VIA Instant Beverage Expired
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Oct 022014
goya coupons

There are several new Goya coupons to print this month. I’ve listed them all below.
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  • Save $0.75 on five Goya Necters
  • Save $0.50 on any GOYA® Frozen Ripe Plantains
  • Save $0.75 on any two GOYA Coconut Products (excluding Coconut Water)
  • Save $0.55 on on any one GOYA Green Olives, 6.5 oz. or larger
  • Save $1.00 on on any two GOYA Fiesta Baked Beans
  • Save $0.50 on on any GOYA Mojo Marinade, 24 oz. or larger
  • Save $1.00 on on any five GOYA Coconut Waters
  • Save $1.75 on on any GOYA Olive Oil, 17 oz. or larger
  • Save $0.50 on on any GOYA Adobo, 12 oz. or larger
  • Save $1.00 on on any two GOYA Rice Mixes
  • Save $1.00 on on any five GOYA Low Sodium Beans, 15.5 oz. or larger
  • Save $1.00 on on any Cafe GOYA
  • Save $1.00 on on any six GOYA Blue Label Premium Beans, 15.5 oz. or larger
Oct 012014

Here’s the latest printable coupons for October! Save on Banquet, Butterball, Hersheys, Marie Callendars, Kellogg’s, Gevalia, Lunchables, Hamburger Helper, Healthy Balance, Mars, Sierra Mist, Silk and more.
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  • Banquet – $2.00 off 2 Banquet Chicken Nuggets
  • Bertolli – $2.00 off 2 Bertolli Classics Meals for Two
  • Butterball – $1.00 off Butterball Every Day Turkey Burgers
  • Gevalia – $1.00 off GEVALIA Mocha Latte or Cappuccino
  • Gevalia – $3.00 off 2 Gevalia Mocha Latte or Cappuccino’s
  • Hamburger Helper – Buy 3 Hamburger Helper, get Free Ground Beef
  • Haribo – $0.30 off any Haribo product, 4 oz. or larger
  • Healthy Balance – $1.00 off any two Healthy Balance juice drinks
  • Hershey’s – $1.10 off 2 Hershey’s Snack Size Bags 9oz – 22oz
  • Juicy Fruit – $0.50 off Juicy Fruit Fruity Chews Bottle
  • Jolly Rancher/Twizzlers – $1.60 off 2 Jolly Rancher Or Twizzlers Snack Size
  • Kellogg’s – $1.00 off any three Kellogg’s Cereals
  • Land O Lakes – $0.75 off Land O Lakes Saute Express Meal Starter
  • Lunchables – $1.00 off two Lunchables with Smoothie Combination
  • Manwich – $1.00 off any 4 Manwich 15.5 oz. or larger
  • Marie Callender’s – $2.00 off 2 Marie Callender’s Main Dish Meals
  • Mars/Soda – $2.00 off can or liters of soda and Mars candy
  • Mars/Snickers – Buy 2 MARS Variety, get 1 SNICKERS Fun Size Free
  • PF Chang’s – $2.00 off 2 P.F. Chang’s Home Menu Meals
  • Sargento – $0.75 off any one Sargento Tastings Cheese
  • Sierra Mist – $1.00 off One Sierra Mist 12pk or two 2-Liters
  • Silk – $1.00 off any three Silk Half Gallons
  • Tai Pei – $1.50 off one Tai Pei Appetizer 16 oz – 28 oz

Splenda $1 Off

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Sep 182014
splenda coupon

Fill out a short form and print a Splenda coupon for $1 off one Splenda Brand product. This coupon prints through Smartsource. You may have to give permission for java to run in order to print this coupon.
Get the Splenda coupon here